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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Using Food For Names

Hi again from Carol,

I used to think that using food names for Company Titles or using names of actual people was no big deal.

That was before I met people very tormented by food disorders.  Must we use food names and alter peoples eating habits?  Some food is starting to get bad reputations now, and some people had a hard enough time keeping their food down before we started using food for names of Corporate entities.

Yes I am talking about Apple, Mac, Blackberry, LuLuLemon, Sage, Wild Apricot....etc.  Some people have totally vowed off these foods now, as if people don't have enough problems finding their next meal without having the 1%, and Corporate moneymaking machines in their face and stomachs all the time.

I often think about French Fries and wonder how that is affecting French people and even if the French language will be around much longer.

Of course that is a different type of problem.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Self Driving Automobiles

Hi From Carol,

The thought of self driving cars on the road is kind of hard to picture right now.

I am wondering what other people actually think about this happening on our roads?

Kind of like selfies taking over cameras, I think that these self driving cars could really get too popular for our own good.

What is going to happen in these situations?

- A self driving car runs into a self driving car and someone gets hurt?  how do you claim this on your insurance? is the self driving car maker or the owner insured for the accidents in traffic?

- Is a self driving car responsible for the behaviour of passengers and checking the seatbelts of all its passengers?  is there a designated owner in the self driving car at all times?  or would that be called the designated non-driver.

- Do people need drivers licenses for self driving cars? or is there a special non-driver license, or special type of ownership?  will police be able to ticket the self driving car and revoke ownerships?

- A bicycle or more than one bicycle blocks the car from driving?  usually people driving honk at bicycles that are slowing down traffic, but i wonder what a self driving car will do.

I guess all this still has to be worked on....I don't know the answers,do you?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

About Uber

Hi Again From Carol,

I thought I would write about this new business model of Uber ridesharing because I do have my view on this having worked in technology and actually worked as an Uber driver for a short time.

Uber calls itself a technology company and I find that to be kinda inaccurate.  It is like an insurance company calling itself a technology company because they do not employ their sales agents they just connect the sales agents to the potential customers.  Uber is responsible for all the driver rules, fare calculations, logistics, and financial processing for the ridesharing even though the drivers are not employees.  The only similarity I find to technology companies is that they tend to exploit the drivers doing the work, and technology companies often exploit their technologists and programmers.

I think that the taxi driving service is a mysogynistic business that uses the inability of women to break into the auto ownership and auto licensing services.   First of all, there are a lot of mechanics and car salesmen that treat women like they are really stupid before even having a conversation or knowing them.  Some families never teach the women in the family to drive a car.  Women are often overcharged for things that are not even required.  Once I even had German car parts inserted into a General Motors engine, as if I would not even notice.  The parts did not fit and caused permanent engine problems and could have causes a major calamity on the highway.  Then when taking the mechanic to court for malpractice with all kinds of evidence and another mechanics statement, I lost because he brought in his boys club with him to make sure I lost.

I think Uber is a viable option for people having to get around that do not have a drivers license or auto available.  Just download the app, and signup.  You will have to give them your address and credit card information.  I would drive you around, but frankly, I find that most of my passengers do not value the use of a car properly, or the expenses related to owning a car, and have taken advantage.

I have to say that as an Uber driver, Uber was also kinda mysogynistic.   My passengers often stated I was the only woman driver they had ever gotten with Uber.  However as an Uber passenger, you will save money over regular taxi service, and save time over the city bus service.  Better for me you use Uber, since I usually do not receive adequate compensation for driving people around.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Why switch to Android?

Hi again from Carol,

After being a fan of Blackberry for years, I switched over to an Android smartphone.  Some people seem to think that was a betrayal to switch products, however, at the time I switched Blackberry was definitely not a fan to my situation.  There were many reasons for doing the switch and I want to write about them:

1) Android works on more phones and the Blackberry phones were overpriced and oversized at the time I needed a new phone.

2) I lost money on Blackberry stock when it declined.

3) Android had more software apps available (Google store) and downloads and functions were simpler and faster.

4) I was able to put additional security on Android that brought it up to speed with Blackberry.

5) Everyone complains about Blackberry constantly making me think that only Corporate and Government organizations will be interested in Blackberry in the future.

6) Android is cheaper, apps are cheaper, and the developments made with Android are faster so that the devices do not become obsolete as quickly.

I no longer think that Blackberry has my interests in mind for their future, and they will have to prove they are loyal to me if I am ever to return.  Too bad because I was loyal to them longer than most people.

Bye for now....Carol