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Monday, 7 November 2022

Equality In The Workplace

Hi again from Carol,

This is an interesting time with all these various harassment cases going on in the media and workplace. 

My experience in working in a male dominated workplace is that women always had to fight for the nice bosses, and if a woman did not attain the nice bosses there was no help available for the uncomfortable situations the not so nice bosses often created.  

Women fought hard against each other, because in most cases that was the only way to move forward, the men were already highly unreachable when it came to competition with the women, and the men were already raised to higher levels quite early in their careers.

Some managers and executives actually unfortunately border on being mentally ill rather than just abusive. So women reported to these types of people that were given freedom in their behaviour with support from there higher ups.  

A lot of these situations are impossible and hopeless for women.  

Now the victims of these situations are starting to feel able to voice their objections after reflecting on their past and their most often failed careers.  Unfortunately people that are not unionized and are unsupported by their work organization often remain in an unhealthy environment indefinitely.

What can be done?  Creativity is definitely an asset.

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Sports & Other Topics

Hi again from Carol,

You might think this post is irrelevant, still this statement is something myself and others have repressed for some time now.

I have been following career trends over my lifetime and cannot help but share on a historical review of sports fans, sports players, and the administration of sports in general  In my opinion, the money that goes into all these professional sports leagues, players salaries, and tickets to sports events has been drastically underestimated by the general population.

For example, now that The City of Toronto has more sports interests than just the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, I thought maybe there would be more money available to perhaps support things such as minority groups, child care, poverty relief, the arts,  and other humanistic endeavors.  No.  There seems to be more and more money feeding the male dominated sports in Toronto than ever before.  Men, (white males especially) spend there executive and high salaried money on sporting events before they even start to take care of a homeless person freezing on the streets.  Female executives often actually enable or provide the money to the male executives in support of this behavior.

(There are those women that are obvious about preferring the company of men)

I went to a Maple Leaf game not too long ago, and the lineup for the mens washroom was right out the washroom door,  while the womens washroom was empty. They were drinking much beer and eating nothing but overpriced junk food in that stadium.

That is where the money is going, not in support of the under priviledged.

The fans continue to buy overpriced sports tickets, or even a complete season of overpriced tickets, and another ticket for their sports buddies. When they get to the sports events another $300 is spent on empty calorie junk food and beer. Along with that, they will often actually be working at a male dominated blue collar job in support of a sports league while remaining extremely frugal with a female co-worker or female administrative support person.

I know a lot of people justify this type of behavior by giving percentages of their salaries to such organizations as the United Way, however, by doing that they are often just handing money over to another administrative organization that continues to direct money to charities that have a male dominated patriarchal agenda.  This cycle then continues further into the non-profit sector to perpetuate the cycle.

Why do homeless people always reach out to a woman for help before they would reach out to a man?

Why do women have such a hard time understanding the process where men want us to be financially dependent on them so they can continue being in power to receive whatever they want, when they want it.

I was athletic and smart when I was young.  When I played varsity sports the University system just made sports a huge obstacle for my degree, I had to choose between one or the other.  They put me in survival mode instead of allowing me to win or succeed.  That pattern went on and on my whole career and I do believe it was gender bias.  My bosses thought I should not work if I was complaining.  They could always get someone else to do it and told me this many times and directly too.

If you look to a man for support you had better be careful of his agenda because his agenda can be more damaging than you might ever be able to imagine.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Using Food For Names

Hi again from Carol,

I used to think that using food names for Company Titles or using names of actual people was no big deal.

That was before I met people very tormented by food disorders.  Must we use food names and alter peoples eating habits?  Some food is starting to get bad reputations now, and some people had a hard enough time keeping their food down before we started using food for names of Corporate entities.

Yes I am talking about Apple, Mac, Blackberry, LuLuLemon, Sage, Wild Apricot....etc.  Some people have totally vowed off these foods now, as if people don't have enough problems finding their next meal without having the 1%, and Corporate moneymaking machines in their face and stomachs all the time.

I often think about French Fries and wonder how that is affecting French people and even if the French language will be around much longer.

Of course that is a different type of problem.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Self Driving Automobiles

Hi From Carol,

The thought of self driving cars on the road is kind of hard to picture right now.

I am wondering what other people actually think about this happening on our roads?

Kind of like selfies taking over cameras, I think that these self driving cars could really get too popular for our own good.

What is going to happen in these situations?

- A self driving car runs into a self driving car and someone gets hurt?  how do you claim this on your insurance? is the self driving car maker or the owner insured for the accidents in traffic?

- Is a self driving car responsible for the behaviour of passengers and checking the seatbelts of all its passengers?  is there a designated owner in the self driving car at all times?  or would that be called the designated non-driver.

- Do people need drivers licenses for self driving cars? or is there a special non-driver license, or special type of ownership?  will police be able to ticket the self driving car and revoke ownerships?

- A bicycle or more than one bicycle blocks the car from driving?  usually people driving honk at bicycles that are slowing down traffic, but i wonder what a self driving car will do.

I guess all this still has to be worked on....I don't know the answers,do you?