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Thursday, 8 August 2013

World Wide Web - Browsers

Carol here,

I wanted to share my thoughts about web browsers, in case you are interested.

I started using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer some time ago.  Overall I am happy with Google Chrome but would like to let you know how I use it and what problems I have found:

- I remove all extensions all the time...whenever someone wants to add an extention I remove it....makes the browser too sluggish.

- There seems to be some incompatibilities with some websites especially when you have to log in and log out using an ID and Password....I would keep another version of another web browser on your computer for when this happens.

- Google Chrome seems to be slower to startup than other browsers, and I have not found the reason for this or been able to correct this except by removing the browsing history and extensions.

- Google Chrome actually works better on older operating systems like Windows XP, Internet Explorer no longer functions with Windows XP and I think that is another ploy by Microsoft to get you to spend your money on buying a newer computer.  They probably feel justified getting you to buy a new computer because of all the money being spent on Apple products.  I am one to minimize spending money on either of them because there are other options and workarounds.

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