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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Self Driving Automobiles

Hi From Carol,

The thought of self driving cars on the road is kind of hard to picture right now.

I am wondering what other people actually think about this happening on our roads?

Kind of like selfies taking over cameras, I think that these self driving cars could really get too popular for our own good.

What is going to happen in these situations?

- A self driving car runs into a self driving car and someone gets hurt?  how do you claim this on your insurance? is the self driving car maker or the owner insured for the accidents in traffic?

- Is a self driving car responsible for the behaviour of passengers and checking the seatbelts of all its passengers?  is there a designated owner in the self driving car at all times?  or would that be called the designated non-driver.

- Do people need drivers licenses for self driving cars? or is there a special non-driver license, or special type of ownership?  will police be able to ticket the self driving car and revoke ownerships?

- A bicycle or more than one bicycle blocks the car from driving?  usually people driving honk at bicycles that are slowing down traffic, but i wonder what a self driving car will do.

I guess all this still has to be worked on....I don't know the answers,do you?

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