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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Apple Update To ios7 Operating System - This Weekend

Carol here,

Apple is updating their operating systems on the Iphone this weekend.  I have heard this will affect everyone in the world holding an Iphone4 or higher.

You may ask what is the importance of this change?

Well, Iphone users are at the mercy of Apple this release, developers are also at their mercy in that applications might not function properly on this new ios7 operating system.

Whenever an operating system gets modified all the applications on that device are affected. Apple is not responsible for any of the other applications on your Iphone that they have not sold to you.  The sellers/developers of each application are responsible for their own application, and there is actually a dependency between all the applications and the operating system.

People expect everything to work better than before, however, there is a risk that some applications might not work at all anymore.

The same held true with every release of Microsoft Windows that has happened, and that is why many applications are no longer available that we were previously using.  In fact when Microsoft released Windows 98 one of their worst releases under record, they put a cog in the wheel for all the Year 2000 (Y2K) development that was going on across the world.

Many of the other existing Technology Companies were actually completely forced out of business with new operating system releases.  It's a jungle out there.

Have a good weekend.  Carol

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Android Security, Malware, Spyware, Key Logging

Carol here,

There has been alot of discussion on Android security problems and I thought I might write on this topic in case you may be interested.

You may have already known that our smartphones and cellphones are constantly being tracked when roaming, and our location can be found at any time using them. Another fact is that there is software available for most if not all platforms that can record every keystroke that is made on any type of computer keyboard or touchpad.  That means that your every keystroke can be recorded in a log file that would tell someone all your sign on information, personal information, banking information and other keystrokes of interest.

Sometimes parents might install this type of logging on their childrens computers to track them online.  Not very kind to do that to your kids though.  Now they are talking about an application that can fingerprint the person using the phone to see if they are the owner or not.

Key logging and tracking are some of the reasons why there is malware and spyware removals now, and malicious code is being quarantined and removed on a regular interval.

Android smartphones and computers are especially susceptable to this type of problem because people are not installing security applications on them, and security needs to be put on any platform that is being used to prevent all this spyware from being installed and the persons data from being used.

Blackberry and Microsoft are especially conscious of these problems because they are used on so many Corporate networks. An example of this is the new Blackberry 10 series that uses Blackberry Balance to separate personal and Corporate network information for security application reasons.  This prevents all your personal contacts and information from getting onto the Corporate network.

People should not be able to install these types of tracking applications without your permission, however, alot of times people don't even realize that they have given their permission already.  Sometimes it can be one check mark at the very start of using a phone that can give permission for all this tracking to take place.

Best thing to do is to scan your computer regularly and install security applications.

Bye for now...Carol

Thursday, 5 September 2013

To Buy A Tablet, Or Not To Buy A Tablet

Carol here,

Just thought I would write and include some tablet reviews since tablets are really the rage on the market right now.

I am personally planning to wait for another Blackberry tablet as you may have guessed from last week in my Blackberry post.

I recommend tablets because they are very portable, and good for communicating.  They are not really able to replace a desktop or a laptop though.

Things worth thinking about before buying a tablet?

Are you using it indoors or outdoors?  Some are not functional in the sunlight because the screen is unreadable with the glare of the sun.

Do you need a long battery life?  How long are you intending to use it for because electrical outlets are not very accessible these days.

Are you reading with it?  The screen resolution needs to be better and a long battery life is needed, you might be better off with an e-reader and people like the Kindle Fire.  Kindle's can actually email using wifi also.

Are you wanting to write with a keyboard?  If you need a standard keyboard for optimizing your writing, some of them have special keyboards you can buy, or you can attach a standard keyboard using the usb port, but some are unable to attach a keyboard at all.

Do you need alot of security for confidential information?  Probably best not to do banking or keep important information on it because tablets have less security than an average desktop or laptop.

Are you bringing the tablet along when travelling?  Choose something light with a long battery life and sturdy for moving around and going through customs.

Blackberry says they are releasing a new tablet, but they may be sold before that happens.

If you want a less expensive tablet, this video might tell you something.

If you are thinking of buying a top of the line tablet...I would suggest watching this video:

Bye for now....Carol