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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Why switch to Android?

Hi again from Carol,

After being a fan of Blackberry for years, I switched over to an Android smartphone.  Some people seem to think that was a betrayal to switch products, however, at the time I switched Blackberry was definitely not a fan to my situation.  There were many reasons for doing the switch and I want to write about them:

1) Android works on more phones and the Blackberry phones were overpriced and oversized at the time I needed a new phone.

2) I lost money on Blackberry stock when it declined.

3) Android had more software apps available (Google store) and downloads and functions were simpler and faster.

4) I was able to put additional security on Android that brought it up to speed with Blackberry.

5) Everyone complains about Blackberry constantly making me think that only Corporate and Government organizations will be interested in Blackberry in the future.

6) Android is cheaper, apps are cheaper, and the developments made with Android are faster so that the devices do not become obsolete as quickly.

I no longer think that Blackberry has my interests in mind for their future, and they will have to prove they are loyal to me if I am ever to return.  Too bad because I was loyal to them longer than most people.

Bye for now....Carol

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