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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Adobe FLASH verses Microsoft & Apple

Carol here,

I just thought I might share my thoughts on the topic of the software application 'Adobe FLASH' verses Microsoft and Apple, in case you are interested.

Why do I like Adobe FLASH you may ask?

It is correct that developing using Adobe FLASH is expensive (developers (and me) buy and learn the software) and the software is very difficult to learn.  I bought and read "The Flash Bible".

Both Microsoft and Apple don't particularly like FLASH and never expressed any adequate support or interest in including FLASH in their future plans.  However, FLASH came about as the best option to take when Microsoft and Apple would not work close enough together so that people (including some of my customers) could develop advanced internet websites for their businesses that were compatible on both Microsoft and Apple computers.

Websites were constantly showing up differently on Apple than on Microsoft computers, and there was often no common ground between the two platforms other than when developed using FLASH software.

I suspect that Microsoft and Apple were both trying to dominate and compete with each other for the market share by showing their own creative individuality at the detriment of everyone else in the software and hardware market.

Then Apple, lead by Steve Jobs, decided to criticize Adobe FLASH publicly in front of the world.  I believe this was done out of a will to discourage FLASH everywhere.  Apple had too much arrogance to include a valid product that existed for a reason and had been validated by many internet developers.  There was also a lack of interest in tolerating people that had the brains to develop and learn FLASH, and a lack of desire of Apple and Microsoft to hire employees that had the independent brains and know how to independently develop with FLASH along with an array of other types of complex developments.

FLASH is actually a very good product that allows the development of beautiful graphics, text, photo images, and moving images on both Apple and Microsoft computers.

Let's see what Blogger does with a FLASH development.  Can you see this moving image?

Bye for now...Carol

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