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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cyber Attacks - Bullying?

Carol here,

I thought I might write on the topic of 'Cyber Attacks', in case you might be interested.

What is considered a 'Cyber Attack' you may ask?

We are often more concerned about 'Cyber Bullying' a direct form of harmful online bullying with a personal and damaging agenda.  Cyber Attacks arrive in a different form and are more like a planned Technical Attack.  They are an attack on someones property.  The attacker uses a roundabout method of bullying in the form of using technology as a method of harming someone or something.  Kind of like when someone key scratches your car and takes off.

When people are online they can receive a Cyber Attack in many ways, in fact, a virus found on your computer is usually a form of Cyber Attack because it is meant to harm your property and is more often created and sent intentionally by a person or organization.  Have you ever had a virus on your computer?  Did you find out how you got it, or who sent it to you?  People are sending computer viruses intentionally to personal and business computers and you could be a victim of a Cyber Attack.

Since I have my own internet server space setup for customers, I protect against Cyber Attacks on that server space.  I have tracked Cyber attacks attempted from China, Russia, Tunisia, Mid-West USA...etc...people have tried to insert scripts and code onto my server, update websites on my server, and infiltrate in other different ways.  There are ways to hide the location that the attack came from, however, I am usually able to trace an attack to its origin in most cases because of server access records.  Firewalls can give you alot of information on an attack, and most firewall software keeps records of all the viruses and attackers that have been discovered on the internet.

This is a reality that I have protected my server against so that everything on there can remain functional.  My customers have their websites up 100% of the time now unless there is server maintenance or upgrades being done.  I did have to block attacks for my customers.

The fact of the matter is that everyone is now having to protect themselves with internet security, firewalls and anti-virus software that need to be updated regularly.

That is a reality of the effect Cyber Attacks have had, and people must now pay for protection.

Bye for now....Carol

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