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Thursday, 29 August 2013


Carol here,

Just thought I might write on the topic of Blackberries in case you might be interested.

I do use a Blackberry smartphone quite regularly. You may ask why?  I have many reasons:

  • I have a degree from the University of Waterloo where I studied technology and where Blackberry head office is, and where the Company that makes Blackberry products originated.  I actually think alot of their products were really great inventions and are still useful.

  • I have great looking RIM's on my car wheels.

  • I think Blackberry smoothies taste better than any other fruit smoothies I have ever tasted.

  • Blackberries have more antioxidants and ruffage than most other fruits.

  • I like the colour and size of  Blackberries.

  • Blackberries aren't oranges or apples, of which I am not too interested in eating.

Sorry if I burst anyones balloon.

Bye for now....Carol

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